Me / Toby / tobybot11

I am constantly searching for something. Right now I’m searching for a way to create a SaaS entity all by my lonesome. 😄

Hugo / The go tool I used to create this site.

Hugo is a static site engine written in Go. Proof Point #1 that every thing, including Jeykll, needed to be rewritten in go. 😉

It makes use of a variety of open source projects including:

Learn more and contribute on GitHub.


Some fun facts about Hugo:

  • Built in Go
  • “Loosely” inspired by Jekyll
  • Primarily developed by spf13 on the train while commuting to and from Manhattan.
  • Coded in Vim using spf13-vim

Have questions or suggestions about Hugo? Feel free to open an issue on GitHub or ask spf13 on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!